The Phoenix

The Leader of The Order of the Flaming Pheonix


The Phoenix is a red Dragonborn, he wore simple black garb and a heavy black cloak.


From what he told Barakas Deamos, The Phoenix was born into a noble household somewhere in the south. The lifestyle was never a good fit for him and so he rebelled a great deal in his youth. When he was finally able to leave he began a life on the streets doing good deeds when he could and helping those in need. He spent most of his life this way, his disillusionment of the system growing as he traveled and as he saw more and more the disparity of society. He soon began to believe that the acts of one man would not be enough to instill the change he desired. When the Eye of Fenris appeared The Phoenix took it as a sign that he needed to mobilize and began the Order of the Flaming Phoenix, a movement of like minded people who would burn down the society and see it reborn from the ashes. While only just beginning they already seem to have many members and have already set blazing many homes of the corrupted elites, but this is only the beginning.

Seeing promise in Barakas The Phoenix sent a message to him and information of the corruption of the Kine family, with whom he had been staying with. Despite Barakas not reacting to the information The Phoenix decided to try and contact him a second time to inform him of their cause and invite him to join the fight. Barakas then met with a tall imposing shadowy figure who, after much discussion was convinced to arrange a meeting with The Phoenix himself. The next day Barakas met The Phoenix and offered that he touch his fiery orb, which resulted in the power within disappearing. The Phoenix was disappointed for a second time and decided to abandon recruiting the young kindred spirit.

The Phoenix

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