Cities and Places

The notable cities, towns, and places of interest from the campaign.


A large region in the northwestern part of the main continent, comprised mostly of large forests and rising grassy hills. It is bisected by the mighty Carmine River, which carries water from the inland seas out into the ocean. The Seven Sisters mountain range forms the northeastern border of the region. The Kingdom of Nabban once encompassed this entire region and lands beyond the Inner Sea.


Perdruin is the capital city of the Kingdom of Nabban and sits along the shores of the Carmine River. It is split into five districts, each with a commander responsible for collecting taxes and keeping the peace.

Crown District

Sometimes referred to as the Old District, the Crown District encompasses the boundary of the original city of Perdruin, before it became the capital city of Nabban and expanded to its current size and layout. In its center lies the royal palace, while the rest of the district contains several banks, government offices, and noble estates.

Flower District

Home to many noble families, the Flower District is named after the many colorful, blossoming trees that line the shore of the Carmine River in spring.

Machine District

The Machine District is where the majority of the merchant shops and industrial businesses reside. There is an island that splits the Carmine River in this district; the Grey Lock allow for vessels travelling along the Carmine River to safely bypass the small waterfall that lies downstream from the island. The Machine District is also home to the Noble house of Chine, who were the ones who originally built the Grey Lock along the Carmine River.

Night Distict

The poor end of town mainly comprised of warehouses and slums. It is traditionally known as the best place for “adult” entertainment, and is frequently home to dealings of an illicit nature. Recently however an ambitious young man named Rowen Holt has been promoted to Commander of the Night District with the goals of cleaning it up.

Wheat District

Most often referred to simply as the New District, the Wheat District is currently the largest district in Perdruin and the one that has seen the most growth in recent years. The main garrison for the City Guard resides on the edge of this district, close to the Crown District. It has been rumoured for years that the Commander of the Guard wants to divide this district to make it easier to maintain, but the City Council has refused to pay for another District Commander position.


Amaranth is a port city on the at the mouth of the Carmine River. Considered the western edge of Nabban. Famous for extravagant celebrations and nights of revelry.


Spellborne is a city residing in the southern extent of the kingdom of Nabban, and is home to a powerful wizarding guild. The enigmatic Crater of Flames is located nearby, and the bright lights from this fire pit illuminate the landscape (and city) continuously.


Millbridge is a city located where the Zaffer River feeds into the mighty Carmine River. The most notable features are the large, arched bridge spanning the Carmine River and the old burnt mill at the mouth of the Zaffer River. Several logging companies have mills here, and frequently send loggers up the Zaffer River to harvest trees from the forests around the Seven Sisters.


Timberkeep is a small logging community at the foothills of the Seven Sisters, where the creeks and melt-waters from the mountains form the Zaffer River. Governed by the Swann family for several generations, this village is where the majority of loggers bring the harvested trees to send them downriver to Millbridge.


Amberdale is a city in the east once considered a part of the kingdom of Nabban.


Caledonia, city in the east on the shores of one of the inland seas, was once part of the eastern edge of the kingdom of Nabban.


A town in the eastern foothills of the Seven Sisters mountain range.


A town located deep in the heart of the southern forests of the Veridwood. Many wood elves and forest gnomes call this place home.


This town located in the interior of the Nabbani Plains is widely renown for breeding the fastest horses – and for it’s Halfling Tobacco!


Once an ancient Dwarven outpost, the city of Gloamhold resides at the base of the northernmost mountain in the Seven Sisters range. It is still largely populated by Dwarves.


Sitting half-way between Gloamhold and Seagard, the town of Meremund lies on the northern edge of the Nabbani Plains before the [Northern Forest].


Naglimund is a city in the north that was once considered to be part of the kingdom of Nabban.


A coastal city on the edge of the Nabbani Plains.


A coastal city on the Nabbani Peninsula, Seagard is home to one of the most spectacular temples to the gods in all of Nabban.


Hernystir is a kingdom residing far to the south. The region consists primarily of flat grasslands and a massive desert.


Cartada is the capital city of Hernystir, and was built upon the largest freshwater oasis in the region. After several years of little rainfall and severe droughts, the nearby desert has been encroaching closer and closer to the city.


Kwanitupal is the largest port city in the south coast. The seas of the south are notorious for pirate ships.

Cities and Places

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