Geography and Locations

The main geographic features and places of interest in the campaign.


A large region in the northwestern part of the main continent, comprised mostly of large forests and rising grassy hills. The mighty Carmine River carries water from the inland seas out into the ocean through the centre of the region. The Seven Sisters mountain range forms the northeastern border of the region.

Carmine River

A large and swiftly flowing river that brings water from the inland seas out into the ocean. It supports many cities and towns along its length, and is the major trade and transportation corridor in the northwest.

Zaffer River

A small tributary of the Carmine River that flows from the snowpacks and meltwaters of the Seven Sisters.

Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are a short mountain range near the city of Perdruin which has seven main peaks. There is a small lake hidden among two of the peaks. Folk legend claims the mountains are the final resting place of seven giants.


Large forest spanning many leagues south from the foothills of the Seven Sisters.

[Northern Forest]

A large forest to the north of the Seven Sisters

Nabbani Plains

A large grassland in the centre of the Nabban region.

Crater of Flames

A large pit of fire that has been burning constantly and fiercely for over 6,000 years.

Greater Interior

A large region in the north-central part of the main continent, consisting of large inland seas, straits and rivers, and many short mountain ranges.

Inland Seas

Several large bodies of water in the interior of the continent.

Geography and Locations

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