Religion and Faith

The people of this world predominantly worship the gods and goddesses of the Nordic pantheon. While there are other gods, goddesses, and deities which have worshippers and cults, they are not part of any consistent pantheon and are simply considered Outsiders.

Nordic Pantheon

The Major Gods


Domains: Knowledge, Arcana
God of wisdom, magic, and war


Domains: Tempest, War
God of thunder, storms, and battle


Domains: Death, Knowledge
Goddess of death, judgement, and secrets


Domains: Life, Nature
Goddess of fertility, healing, and creation


Domains: Arcana, Nature
Goddess of magic, prophecy, and fire


Domains: War, Light
God of war, law, and glory


Domains: Nature, Tempest
Goddess of winter, hunting, and punishment


Domains: Trickery, Knowledge
God of innovation, illusions, and stealth


Domains: Light, War
Goddess of the sun, summer, and truth

The Minor Gods


Domains: War, Knowledge
God of protection, tactics, and duty


Domains: Trickery, Arcana
Goddess of inspiration, sorcery, and memories


Domains: Tempest, Trickery
God of the seas, wrath, and water


Domains: Light, War
God of justice, contracts, and honour


Domains: Life, Light
Goddess of spring, learning, and air


Domains: Knowledge, Trickery
God of poetry, music, and wit


Domains: Nature, Knowledge
Goddess of peace, forgiveness, and earth


Domains: Death, Light
God of beauty, innocence, and rebirth


Domains: Nature, Death
Goddess of the moon, autumn, and dreams


All deities which do not belong to the Nordic pantheon are considered Outsiders. These deities are not necessarily associated with any particular pantheon or religion, and are only grouped together to the extent that they are not members of the Nordic pantheon.

Lolth, the Spider Queen

A goddess of shadows, spiders, and secrets that is worshipped by the Dark Elves…

The Beast Below

There is a cult which worships a mythical deity known as the Beast Below. According to rumours and half-forgotten truths, the Beast Below slumbers deep beneath the earth, and has powers far greater than any of the gods in the Nordic Pantheon. It is said that when the Beast Below awakens and returns to the surface, he will reward his followers with untold riches and eternal life. In recent years, the Cult of the Beast Below has seen an increase in popularity among the wealthy nobility.

Religion and Faith

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