Lady Amicia Hache

Found Love in all the Wrong Places


Lady Amicia has fair skin, long silken black hair and stunning blue eyes.


The only child of the noble Hache family in Falshire, her parents except a great deal from her. Stressed from all of the responsibility her family has placed on her over the years Lady Amicia often takes to riding in the Nabbani plains. One beautiful day she was ridding as usual when her horse became startled and accidentally ran her through some poor farmers fields destroying many of his crops. After regaining control of the horse she met with the farm boy who had meant to scold her but became entranced with her beauty. Lady Amicia also found herself captivated by the young man and offered to help him repair the damage. They spent the day together and much of the night, a romance quickly building between them. It was love at first sight for Lady Amicia and Michael Browne and whenever possible Lady Amicia would sneak away from home to be with him, that was until her family learned of her secret. Lady Amicia was kept locked in her room, as her parents forbade her to see the poor farm boy any more. They became desperate to set Lady Amicia with a proper match so that she would forget about her secret lover and remain focused on the family affairs. Many local suitors visited the estate but Lady Amicia would not visit with them, it was not until her parents gave her an ultimatum that she began to cooperate, she needed to find and begin courting a proper suitor or Michael Browne would be killed. It was lucky that she then received an invitation to Lord Emris Nystrom’s infamous Masquerade. As she left her parents told her that if she did not start seriously courting someone during her visit to Perdruin they would kill Michael upon her return.

At the Masquerade Lady Amicia found herself too heart broken to enjoy the party until she met with Zul’Anna. Lady Amicia somehow felt safe in the strangers company and told her story. Moved Zul’Anna introduced Lady Amicia to her adventuring companion Barakas who offered to be her fake suitor so that Lady Amicia and Michael could continue their relationship together.

Thrilled at the news Lady Amicia left for Falshire no longer with a heavy heart and excitedly delivered the news to her parents who now eagerly await meeting their potential son-in-law.

Lady Amicia Hache

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