Commander Rowen Holt

Commander of Perdruin's Night District


Short brown hair and matching brown eyes. Is usually in his blue commanders uniform.


Born and raised in Perdruin as the son of a local blacksmith, Rowen had always wanted to grow up to be a Knight, and help those in need. He started at the academy young, and showed great potential. His teachers, impressed, graduated Rowen early and he began his career as a member of the city guard. He made a name for himself clearing out one of the local gangs, The Street Rats, and quickly rose through the ranks. Now a Commander of Perdruin’s Night District, Rowen strives to make the streets a safe place for everyone.The Commander of the Guard, Aldemar Engman, is eager to see what great things will come of Rowen Holt.

Commander Rowen Holt

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