"It's hard to just sit around knowing there's someone out there that needs to be blown up!"


Despite being a Drow, Sika lacks much of the elegance of her people, often wearing torn, and slightly burnt clothes. She has an eye patch covering her right eye, the skin around it is badly scarred, and certainly the result of an interesting story. The scarring continues all down her right side, covering her arm and leg. In addition to her burns Sika is also missing her pinky finger on her right hand as well as half of her first and middle finger on her left hand. Her ebony skin is much lighter than other Drow and her short silver hair always seems to be singed on the tips.


Sika has no memory’s beyond the past 50 years. Her oldest memory is of her waking up in the charred remains of some building, confused but with a mind buzzing with ideas, she took to wondering the streets for a time. Stealing the things she needed Sika discovered an innate talent for alchemy and used her abilities to survive. It was not long before she was noticed by Arryna Malifar who quickly took Sika in before the other Houses learned of her talents. In exchange for food, shelter, safety and her own lab, Sika gave her creations to house Malifar. Unlike other Drow Sika never had the desire for power and was happy with the arrangement for many years. She was an oddity that Arryna enjoyed keeping in her back pocket but never used, waiting for that perfect moment to surprise the Matrons when House Malifar reclaimed its former glory. Needless to say that day seemed to never arrive and Sika gradually grew bored. When the surface dwellers arrived with the infamous slave Taerin Sika was finally able to use her talents and defended the house against the Haitir family when they came to collect the stolen slave. The victory was short lived and House Malifar shortly fell even further from grace as the Matriarch herself came to take the slave. No longer wishing to settle for living with a lesser House, and inspired to use her concoctions herself she joined the surface dwellers in their escape.


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