Taerin Zehir

Choosing who I am is much harder than being told who I am


Like many Drow, Taerin’s skin is a dark obsidian, his eyes a striking silver and his hair a long silky white kept in delicate braids. He is incredibly handsome with high cheek bones and a charming smile, however on the right side of his neck a symbol of a spider descending within a hourgalss has been seared into his skin. Taerin wears dark coloured, light, loose fitting and usually revealing clothing. Since arriving on the surface Taerin also wears a heavy black cloak which he uses to conceal his Drow heritage as well as shield his sensitive eyes from the harsh sunlight.


Being a promising noble house of the great Drow society, House Zehir had managed to develope an unhealthy rivalry with the powerful Haitir family. Taerin was young, only in his 50’s when the Haitir family came in the night and destroyed everything. Being the eldest son, Taerin had already begun his battle training and cut down many of Haitir’s warriors, although the young Drow was still doomed to watch the females of his House slain before him. Like the other surviving males Taerin was allowed to live if he became a slave to house Haitir. He spent many years training and fighting alongside the soldiers who had brought down his family, the Haitir family mark, a spider descending within a hourgalss, branded on his neck. Taerin would likely had been destined to die in some grisly battle in the name of House Haitir had it not been for his stunning good looks. During his many years serving his captors loyally Taerin caught the eye of the eldest daughter of House Haitir, Shareece. She had become quite taken with Taerin’s looks and charms and took him as her personal servant. Life became very different for Taerin. No longer did he have to sleep in the dirt, cramped next to fellow slaves but instead had his own bed in a small room adjacent to Shareece’s, although he would not be allowed to spend much time in there. Shareece kept him close at all times, and after many years became rather attached to her pet. Shareece eventually took notice of Taerin’s other uses, and began to value him as more than just her pet to be paraded around. Secretly she knew she had come to trust him more then she knew she should, he was still a slave, yet she found herself removing his bindings one night and allowing him weapons and armor. House Haitir had many enemies and Shareece’s own aspirations would surely put her in a dangerous position, so named Taerin her personal protector and commanded that he never leave her side.

Taerin doubted the necessity of Shareece’s new found paranoia until the night that she asked him to murder her Mother making her house Haitir’s new Matron. As silently as a shadow Taerin did as he was told, leaving evidence to point the murder towards a rival House. The next morning Shareece was Matron Mother of house Haitir, and her first order would be “vengeance” on the rival house. Shareece became a gluten for power and continued climbing the Drow social ladder. Eventually Shareece found her way on the Drow council, sitting beside the Matriarch herself, and Taerin, as always still beside her.

During one of the many dull council meetings the Matriarch revealed a plan to reclaim the surface and kill it’s soft inhabitants. The glorious Spider Queen, Loth had given her a vision of a machine that would bring victory to the Drow. Taerin had never before considered himself as someone too concerned with the well being of the surface yet his conscience was stirred and in a momentary burst of heroism his hand found its way into the Matriarch’s pockets as she spoke privately with his Mistress. That night, the wrinkled parchment carefully tucked into his shirt Taerin did what he had never dared even dream of and left Matron Shareece’s side and made his way to the surface.

Escaping to the sunlit world of the surface, Taerin took in his first breath of freedom in a long time and made his way to civilization. He had no plan for the wrinkled parchment in his shirt only that it could not be trusted to anyone. And so he travelled to the nearest city prepared to begin his life anew.

Taerin Zehir

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